Spring & Fall Cleanup

Touchdown Lawn Service is dedicated to thorough lawn care services, and that includes taking care of everything that comes with seasonal clean up. There are two types of seasonal cleaning that are most important, and those are spring and fall cleaning. Spring Cleanup clears out stagnant debris left over from the winter, and gives your yard a chance to get some much-needed oxygen and nutrients. While Fall Cleanup is all about getting your yard prepared for the winter, as well as making spring cleaning easier. This is done by getting rid of debris and other organic plant life that would create a frozen layer over your yard during the winter.  Spring and fall cleaning can be tedious and time-consuming, and most home owners simply don’t have the time for it. That is why we provide seasonal cleanups, so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Spring Cleanup

Let’s say you didn’t properly clean up your lawn in the fall before the snow fell. Not to worry! Our spring cleanup services can remove this layer of thatch, which otherwise would have choked the life out of various areas of your lawn and lead to plenty of dead patches, brown and dry grass, and a lawn that’s generally unpleasant to look at.

Fall Cleanup

Over the summer, your lawn has likely accumulated a layer of trash, debris, and other unwanted material from traffic and the elements. Seasonal cleanups are often required due to our strong winds, which blow dust, debris, and other materials onto our lawns. Adding to this, in the fall, the leaves fall to the ground, and even if you rake them up, you’ve likely left behind a great deal of “leaf shavings” in the process. All of these various materials create a layer on your lawn called “thatch”. Then, the snow falls, and that thatch is hardened under the cold and pressure. In the spring, this tough layer of thatch makes it more difficult for your lawn to recover from the winter. Our seasonal cleanup services can help prevent this.

Nature is Not Always Kind to Your Lawn

Many home owners believe that biodegradable material doesn’t need to be cleared away and will simply go away on its own. While this is true over time, it is still something that can cause problems if not taken care of quickly. If debris is left in place, it can have a suffocating effect on your lawn, as well as creating the ideal environment for insects and other pests to thrive, all of which can cause permanent damage to your lawn. Touchdown Lawn Service is ready to take care of everything that comes with preventing this kind of damage. We’ll clean up all lingering organic matter and get it off your lawn, or pile it into a designated composting site. Our Seasonal Cleanups are an excellent way of giving your yard the boost it needs after a long and stagnant winter.