Lawn Mowing

Professional Lawn MowingLawn mowing is something that many people actually look forward to. When Spring and Summer finally arrive, we tend to look for any reason possible to soak it all in. Given our long Winters, the sight of Spring in the air and the smell of freshly cut grass is a wonderful experience.

However, as time rolls on, many end up needing some assistance. This is especially true for home owners who own many large properties, or those with little spare time on their hands. As a home owner, you know that a well maintained lawn and garden is essential for a warm and inviting home. A beautiful yard projects an image of peace and success, whereas an overgrown and weed-ridden lawn is likely to give the wrong idea to friends and neighbors.

Proper Lawn Mowing for a Healthy Lawn

As a professional lawn mowing company, we understand how to mow a lawn properly.

  • We cut the grass to an appropriate length – Many people cut their lawn too low, which leads to less healthy grass. A good rule of thumb is to never cut grass shorter than two inches (many believe grass should remain the same length all season for maximum health). We mow when the grass is dry – Mowing the lawn while it’s wet keeps the grass clippings from being distributed evenly across the lawn. It also tends to clump together and clog the mowers.
  • By leaving the grass clippings on your lawn, we can enhance its health – As a lawn care company, we understand the importance of leaving clippings on the lawn. As they decompose, they provide the lawn with various nutrients, making it not only healthier, but better-looking as well.
  • We sharpen our mower blades often – This ensures that your lawn gets a clean and even cut. This also helps keep your grass healthier, as dull blades rip up grass and cause unnecessary damage. Sharp blades cut smoothly, leaving them healthier and better-looking.

While you’re busy with the demands of your job and daily life, you can rely on us to mow your lawn in a way that will not only keep it aesthetically appealing, but also as healthy as possible. Give us a call today and request a Free Estimate!